HOSPITALity® Kits Details

Everyone has or will be a patient at one point in time.  The HOSPITALity® Kit adds comfort to any situation you are in as a patient.  HOSPITALity® Kits add comfort to any situation... 

Each HOSPITALity® Kit has 2 aromatherapy patches, sugarfree gum, gentle medical tape, and an organic moisturizing lip balm.  We offer two different comfort additions to the kitsThe Original and The Dreamer

THE ORIGINAL Kit has a pair of cozy comfort socks to keep your feet warm and cushioned

THE DREAMER Kit includes a cozy gel bead eye mask that is PERFECT for long dental visits when you don't want a bright light shining in your face or cold water splashing on your face.  It can be cooled or heated for maximum comfort.  Some people use it for the back of their necks too!