Giving Makes
the World
a Better Place

Our Mission

At HOSPITALity® Kits, we believe the world feels better through giving. With our carefully curated gift boxes, we’re committed to bringing comfort and healing to those you care for when they need it most.

As a physician, I'm familiar with the challenge of finding the right gifts for our loved ones as they face illness and recovery. With our patients in mind, we set out to create the perfect get-well gifts for use in the hospital and the home. We know that those in need of healing may be sensitive to certain scents and ingredients, so we paid special attention to designing products that are allergen-free and  made from all natural ingredients.

HOSPITALity® Kits are specifically designed to comfort you or your loved ones before, during, and after a visit to the hospital, or any other stressful times in life. Our products are sure to relax, rejuvenate, and help those in recovery feel like themselves again.

A note from founder

Dr. Caroline Fosnot

As a physician, I became frustrated with my options for comforting my own loved ones. And this wasn’t a problem that just I was facing – everyone I spoke to often asked, “What should I send?” when their friends, colleagues, and loved ones were faced with a life challenge. Inspired by my patients, I set out to create gifts that would comfort those in my care, as well as friends and family I care about.