LIFE HAPPENS to all of us...when faced with the unavoidable situation of illness, need for surgery or a procedure, having a baby, or simply feeling yucky HOSPITALity Kits will stand out as the answer to your call!  As a physician, I became frustrated with my options for comforting my own loved ones, but increasingly concerned that this wasn't just my problem but everyone I spoke to was asking "What should I/we send?" when a friend, colleague or loved one was facing a life challenge.  I had to change I created these kits that are hospital-friendly (sometimes food or flowers aren't allowed in hospitals...).

HOSPITALity® Kits contain items specifically designed to comfort you or your loved ones before, during, and after a visit to the hospital or when experiencing a stressful or draining time in your life. The products within help virtually anyone to relax, to sleep better, to feel pampered away from home or simply to feel themselves again.  They contain:

  • a fast-absorbing custom aromatherapy lip balm
  • cozy plush socks
  • an amazing gel-bead sleep mask (can be cooled or warmed)
  • a nourishing unscented moisturizing oil
  • 4 aromatherapy patches (4 varieties for sleep, calming the tummy, energy and overall pampering)

Though these kits were conceived with hospital visits in mind, they make a unique and comforting gift for any occasion.